50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bar For Sale (Secondary Market)

50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bar For Sale (Secondary Market)

Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .9999
Manufacturer Engelhard
Thickness 2.1 mm
Condition Secondary Market
Edge Design Smooth
Series Engelhard Gold
CoA No
Packaging Type Sealed Plastic
Metal Weight 1.60750 Troy Ounces
Shipping Free Shipping on Orders Over $199

Tracking and insurance included on all orders

Dimensions 47 mm x 27 mm x 2.1 mm


50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bar For Sale (Secondary Market)

For more than a century, the Engelhard Corporation was involved in the metals and precious metals industry in the United States. Founded by Charles W. Engelhard Sr. in 1902, the company remained in business until 2006 when it was bought by German chemical manufacturer BASF. Even though Engelhard is no longer actively refining gold bars, you can still find their gold bars for sale from authorized dealers. Now, 50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bars are available to you for purchase online from Omega Bullion.

Bar Highlights:

  • Bars arrive inside of shipping boxes with a protective wrap!
  • Cast loaf bars!
  • Contains 50 Grams (1.607 Troy oz) of .999+ pure gold.
  • Obverse depicts the Engelhard logo.
  • Reverse features a blank field.

Engelhard produced a wide range of gold, silver, and platinum bullion bars from the 1970s until its closure in 2006. While the company did produce minted ingots in several metals, some of its most common products were cast bars and loaf cast bars. Cast bars and loaf bars are the simplest forms of gold bullion you can buy. With designs on one side and a rough finish on the other, the premiums for these types of gold bars are also the lowest in the industry.

While Engelhard had a reputation for producing high-quality gold, silver, and platinum bullion bars, it’s lasting reputation actually has to do with its contribution of precious metals to the automotive industry. Engelhard is credited with the creation and production of catalytic converters. Featuring platinum, catalytic converters remove some of the harmful exhaust particles created by internal combustion engines.

Obverse designs on these 50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bars feature the company name with the weight and purity of the bar. In some cases, these gold bars also have a serial number inscribed. All of the inscriptions are struck incuse into the bar with the Engelhard logo at the center of the design field. The weight and purity are marked above the logo, with the weight inscribed in its Troy ounce conversion of 1.607 and not in the 50 Gram designation. If a serial number is present, it is below the logo.

Reverse fields on 50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bars come with no design elements. There are no inscriptions on this side of the gold bars, but you may notice some natural textures. As the gold settles and cools in the mold used to create the cast loaf shape, the resulting finish can provide textures or striations in the bar.

Your 50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bar arrives inside of a discreet, cardboard shipping box. We package each bar individually with a protective wrap to keep it safe and secure during the delivery process.


50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bar For Sale 50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bar For Sale 50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bar For Sale 50 Gram Engelhard Gold Bar For Sale


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