5 Taels Gold Bar For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

5 Taels Gold Bar For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .9999
Manufacturer Argor Heraeus
Edge Design Smooth
Series 5 Tael
CoA No
Packaging Type None
Metal Weight 6.028 Troy Ounces
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5 Taels Gold Bar For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

When investors buy gold bars online, most of those products are listed in one of two weight measurements: Troy oz or Grams. Troy ounces have been a major unit of measurement for the weight of precious metals for decades and are popular with European and North American investors. Grams hold equal status and stature. A lesser-known unit of weight among this investor group is Taels. Right now, 5 Taels Gold Bars are available to purchase online from Bullion Chrono.

Bar Highlights:

  • Arrives inside plastic bag or are wrapped in protective materials with a shipping box!
  • Unique Taels weight measurement!
  • Contains 5 Tael (6.028 Troy oz) of .999+ pure gold.
  • Obverse and reverse designs vary by bar and mint of issue.
  • Varied conditions available.
  • Please keep in mind you could receive matching designs and conditions when buying more than one bar.

Each of the 5 Taels Gold Bars available in this Bullion Chrono listing ship with protective packaging options. The bars arrive in plastic sleeves or are simply wrapped in protective shipping materials and housed in a box for delivery. These gold bars come in varied conditions and originate from any mint. In this type of listing, Omega Bullion selects your items at random after your payment has been processed.

The gold bars available in this product listing can come in conditions that range from brand-new to those with minor production flaws. Other 5 Taels Gold Bars come with conditions that range from light wear and tear to heavy flaws, marks, and other detracting elements. The designs and product types will vary based on the program in which the bar is issued and the mint from which it originated.

Obverse and reverse designs on the 5 Taels Gold Bars in this listing vary based on the specific product you receive. As an example of a 5 Taels Gold Bar you might receive, consider the 5 Taels Gold Bar of Argor-Heraeus. These bars have the Argor-Heraeus logo at the top with inscriptions of the nation of issue, weight, purity, and an assayer’s mark. Each of the bars comes with an individual serial number.

5 Taels Gold Bars can come in many forms that include minted ingots or cast, loaf gold bars. Tael is a weight measure often used in precious metals from East Asia and Southeast Asia. By in large, it is based on the Chinese tael. You can find gold marked in Taels from China, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, and Japan, to name a few.

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