20 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale (Varied Condition)


20 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale (Varied Condition)

Purity .9995
Manufacturer Varies
Condition Varied
Edge Design Smooth
Series 20 Gram Platinum Bar
CoA No
Packaging Type Varies
Package Dimensions 3.35×2.13×0.172
Metal Weight .643 Troy Ounce
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20 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale (Varied Condition)

Among the precious metals available to investors and collectors, platinum is one of the rarer items you will find. Platinum bullion products are largely limited to coins and bars, but that doesn’t mean the variety of products within these lineups is limited. Right now, 20 Gram Platinum Bars are available to purchase online from JOmega Bullion in varied-condition options.

Bar Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of protective wrap and a shipping box!
  • Format and designs vary!
  • Contains 20 Grams (.6430 Troy oz) of .9995 pure platinum.
  • Obverse and reverse designs vary by product.
  • Please keep in mind you might receive several bars with the same designs and in the same condition.

Each of the 20 Gram Platinum Bars in this product listing come to you inside of protective wrapping within a shipping box. These platinum bars are available from various mints and come with different conditions. Once your payment has been processed we will select your 20 Gram Platinum Bars for shipping.

We are unable to hand-pick a particular platinum bar for you or guarantee the condition. Similarly, if you purchase multiple bars through this listing, we cannot guarantee that you will receive bars that have different designs and conditions. You might receive several products that all match one another.

Platinum is an increasingly popular precious metal in the 21st century. Long used in the automotive industry in catalytic converters, platinum is finding greater use among industries that include healthcare and jewelry.

On the obverse and reverse side of 20 Gram Platinum Bars, you will find varying designs based on the mint of origin. One of the possible designs you could receive is that of Fortuna. Produced by the PAMP Suisse of Switzerland, the Fortuna bar was the first bullion bar to feature intricate design elements on either side of the product. The obverse of these bars includes a left-profile portrait of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune. She wears a veil over her eyes and has a cornucopia on her head that winds down to the bottom of the bar and spills forth a wealth of coins into her hands. The PAMP Suisse logo is found on the reverse.

PAMP Suisse is the leading bullion brand in the world, but it’s products represent just one possible option you could receive in this product listing. You could receive platinum bars in any condition from a number of different mints.

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