2.5 Gram Gold Bar For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)


2.5 Gram Gold Bar For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .9995
Manufacturer Varied
Condition Varied
Edge Design Smooth
CoA No
Packaging Type Varies
Metal Weight .08037 Troy Ounce
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2.5 Gram Gold Bar For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

Buying gold bars online is a great way to invest in the most coveted of precious metals. You’ll find gold bars available to purchase in a wide range of styles and sizes, as well as condition depending upon the listing you shop through. In this listing from Omega Bullion, you can purchase 2.5 Gram Gold Bars in varied condition from various mints/refineries today.

Bar Highlights:

  • Arrives in protective plastic!
  • Bars struck as minted ingots or cast bars!
  • May arrive with or without assay card.
  • Contains 2.5 Grams (.08037 Troy oz) of .999 or .9999 pure gold.
  • Obverse and reverse designs determined by mint of origin.
  • Available in varied condition.

Gold bars are commonly produced in one of two manners. Minted ingots are gold bars which start out as long, cast gold bars. The bar is then fed into a high-powered press that cuts the bars to the right sizes to meet weight preferences and then stamped with a mint logo or other design. Cast bars are produced with far fewer steps. Melted gold is either poured by hand or by machinery into a mold and left to set. Designs are then stamped by hand or sometimes machinery to complete the product.

2.5 Gram Gold Bars are a popular choice as they offer the option to invest in gold without paying the higher prices that come with 1 oz gold products. Gold bars of this weight are also much easier to store and transport due to their lighter weight.

In this JM Bullion listing you can purchase 2.5 Gram Gold Bars that originated from various mints. These options income popular choices such as a Valcambi Suisse gold bar or Republic Metals Corporation gold bar. RMC is an American refinery that focuses intently on the production of high-quality gold bars in varied weights, with the typical design used on the bars that of the refinery logo.

Valcambi Suisse 2.5 Gram Gold Bars also typically feature the refinery’s logo on the primary face of the bar. Most gold bars feature a serial number issued by the mint or refinery, and many also come with an assay card.

Through this JM Bullion listing, you will receive a 2.5 Gram Gold Bar in varied condition from various mints. Bars in varied condition can range from new to those with light abrasions or heavy scuff marks. Bars may also arrive in original packaging or simple plastic packaging, with the potential for assay cards included as well.

We will determine the exact 2.5 Gram Gold Bar you receive. The bar, design, mint of origin, and condition of the gold bar is determined when your order is processed and our shippers pick your gold bars from the warehouse to prepare for shipping.

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