1934 $500 Federal Reserve Note (PMG Very Fine 35)


1934 $500 Federal Reserve Note (PMG Very Fine 35)

Year 1934
Mint Mark Not Shown
Thickness 0.1 mm
Condition Very Fine
Face Value $500
Issuing Country United States
Edge Design Smooth
Series Legal Tender Note
CoA No
Packaging Type Archival Quality Currency Sleeve
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Dimensions 156 mm x 66 mm x 0.1 mm
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1934 $500 Federal Reserve Note (PMG Very Fine 35)

The $500 Federal Reserve Note was printed in the United States starting in 1918. The final redesign of the images on the $500 note came in 1934, with the bills used largely by banks and the Federal Reserve through 1969. Today, remaining specimens are believed to number around 75, 000 in total. Now, certified 1934 $500 Federal Reserve Notes are available to you for purchase online from Omega Bullion.

Note Highlights:

  • Notes arrive inside of protective plastic currency sleeves from the PMG!
  • Issued in the 1934 Series redesign!
  • Exited circulation in 1969!
  • Issued a face value of $500 (USD) by the United States.
  • Bears a Grade of Very Fine 35 from the Paper Money Guaranty.
  • Obverse features President William McKinley.
  • Reverse depicts the denomination of the note.
  • Please remember you may get notes with matching district seals when buying more than one.

In 1914, the United States introduced the Federal Reserve Note Series with many of the common denominations we still carry around and use today. The 1918 Series of Federal Reserve Notes expanded the available denominations to include notes that most Americans today never saw in circulation.

The 1918 Series included the introduction of $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 notes. Each of the designs on the notes was replaced across these four denominations in 1934. The 1934 Series was the last redesign for these larger notes. In the case of the $500 note, John Marshall was replaced on the obverse by President McKinley, while a vignette of Desoto discovering the Mississippi was replaced on the reverse by a simpler design with the denomination.

Obverse field of the 1934 $500 Federal Reserve Notes is a portrait of the 25th President of the United States. William McKinley had previously served as the Governor of Ohio and won election to the White House in 1896. His platform was based on rebuilding the American economy and using tariffs to boost up the manufacturing and industrial bases within the American economy. His first term in office was marked by economic revitalization and victory in the Spanish-American War.

Reverse designs of the 1934 $500 Federal Reserve Notes include a simple field. This side of the note comes with markings of the denomination and nation of issue. These notes have District Seals on the obverse denoting which branch bank of the Federal Reserve. Please keep in mind the district seals could vary or match on the notes you receive.

These 1934 $500 Federal Reserve Notes are available to you with a PMG certification. A Very Fine 35 note has exceptional visual quality and four to seven fold lines. Unlike other notes, a VF35 note has only light folds.

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