1 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale (Varied Condition)


1 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale (Varied Condition)

Purity .9995
Manufacturer Varied
Condition Varied
CoA No
Packaging Type Plastic Flip
Metal Weight .03215 Troy Ounce
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1 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale (Varied Condition)

Investors and collectors tend to turn to gold and silver first when purchasing precious metals. Another increasingly popular option in the 21st century is platinum. Though platinum coins and bars were available in the 20th century, rising prices and increasing scarcity have made platinum bars and coins popular. Today, 1 Gram Platinum Bars are available to you online from Omega Bullion.

Bar Highlights:

  • Available to you inside of protective packaging!
  • Contains 1 Gram (.03215 Troy oz) of .9995 pure platinum.
  • The obverse and reverse designs depend on mint of origin.
  • Available in varied condition from varied mints.
  • You may receive multiples of the same product if you purchase more than one bar in this listing.

Platinum is the primary metal in the platinum metals group, which also includes ruthenium, rhodium, palladium osmium, and iridium. Platinum is well known as a dense, malleable metal that is highly unreactive. In fact, platinum is one of the least reactive metals out there and has remarkable resistance to corrosion. This has made it a popular metal across a variety of different industries.

In this product listing, Omega Bullion offers you the chance to purchase a 1 Gram Platinum Bar in varied condition from varied mints. These bars are guaranteed to feature 1 Gram of .9995 pure platinum. The exact designs and bars you receive depend on availability in our warehouse at the time your payment is processed for shipping.

Omega Bullion cannot guarantee you a specific type of 1 Gram Platinum Bar in this listing. It is a varied mint and varied condition listing. You may receive a small cast bar or a minted ingot. The platinum bar may be in brand-new condition or may feature some detracting flaws as a result of previous handling. Please note that if you purchase multiple bars in this listing you could receive several of the same style, condition, and design.

There are various mints around the globe which product platinum bars for sale. One of the more prominent 1 Gram Platinum Bars comes from Credit Suisse. The oldest precious metals firm in Switzerland, Credit Suisse opened in the mid-19th century to finance the construction of Switzerland’s electrical and railroad grids. Credit Suisse popularly issues 1 Gram Platinum Bars with the Statue of Liberty design.

In this example, Lady Liberty is on the obverse of the bar, while the reverse of the bar includes the name of the mint, the weight, metal content, and purity of the bar. Other refiners of 1 Gram Platinum include Valcambi Suisse and PAMP Suisse.

1 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale 1 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale 1 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale 1 Gram Platinum Bar For Sale


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