1/10 oz Palladium Round For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)


1/10 oz Palladium Round For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

Mint Mark Varies
Purity .9995
Manufacturer Varies
Condition Varied
Edge Design Reeded
Series 1/10 oz Palladium Round
CoA No
Packaging Type Plastic Flip
Package Dimensions 2x2x0.2
Metal Weight .1 Troy Ounce
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1/10 oz Palladium Round For Sale (Varied Condition, Any Mint)

Palladium is one of the rarest metals in the world and also one of the rarer precious metals in the investment industry. Palladium has long been used in commercial and industrial applications, and more recently has found a growing market among bullion investors. Some examples of palladium productions are older than others, however, such as palladium rounds. Today, 1/10 oz Palladium Rounds are available to you from Omega Bullion.

Round Highlights:

  • Available to you with a plastic flip!
  • Varied conditions from any mint!
  • Contains 1/10 Troy oz of .9995 pure palladium.
  • Obverse and reverse designs will vary.
  • Please remember varied condition listings can result in receiving several items of the same condition and design.

Palladium was discovered in 1803 by the English chemist William Hyde Wollaston. Part of the platinum group metals, along with platinum and rhodium, palladium is a silver-white metal that was named for the asteroid Pallas. Palladium has the lowest melting point and is the least dense of the platinum group metals.

All of the 1/10 oz Palladium Rounds in this product listing are available to you with a protective plastic flip. The rounds in this listing are in varied conditions and are available from a wide range of mints. Omega Bullion offers them here as a random listing. We are unable to guarantee you a specific design or condition, only that each round has 1/10 Troy oz of .9995 pure palladium.

We select all 1/10 oz Palladium Rounds you purchase after your payment has been processed, so the item you receive is dependent upon availability at that point in time. If you purchase more than one, we cannot guarantee you will receive variety with your purchase.

Obverse and reverse design elements will vary in this listing. One such example of 1/10 oz Palladium Rounds struck in the 21st century are the rounds in the Lewis & Clark edition from Johnson Matthey and Stillwater Mining Company. The rounds featured images of the famous explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark surveying the lands west of the Mississippi River obtained by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase.

A unique feature of these particular 1/10 oz Palladium Rounds is the use of palladium mined in the United States. There are two palladium deposits known to exist in North America: one in the US, one in Canada. The other major deposits known to exist are in Russia and South Africa.

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